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Preserving historical, legal, and accounting records for your company is a key requirement.

When you consider the possibility of losing vital information due to physical damage, deterioration, media contamination, obsolete or incompatible equipment, it seems only logical to find a way to solve these problems.  The solution is to convert your obsolete formats to current technology.

Reasons for Keeping old data

  • LEGAL MANDATES - State and Federal regulations provide severe penalties for failure to preserve certain information (ex. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm Leach Bliley)

  • HISTORICAL RESEARCH - Business analysts need long-term information to evaluate company or industry trends.

  • ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE - Companies need to deliver historical computer data as part of their defense or in response to the discovery process. Pro-actively defending that data now can save immeasurable grief in the future.

Reasons to convert old data

  • Improve archival quality - Old media eventually degrades physically, chemically, and magnetically - even under the best conditions.

  • Reduce physical storage space - For example, you could convert roughly 7000 tapes to as few as 35 CDs! (Your actual results will vary depending on format and data.)

  • Eliminate unproductive work - Down-sizing or job-hopping programmers can lead to undocumented programs and files that are undecipherable.

  • Remove uncertainty about original formats - Every piece of media that we convert is tested to ensure that the data exists and is usable in the required format.

  • Lower maintenance costs associated with obsolete hardware - Inevitably, you’ll need to migrate to new computers, software, or media which renders older electronic records incompatible or unusable. Converting means making that data available when you need it.

  • Preserve the integrity of data - Fragile storage media can cause valuable records to "decay" on the shelf

  • Provide Substantial Cost Savings - Money can be saved in terms of employee time and effort, storage fees at vaulting companies, increased costs of purchasing or restoring obsolete data, etc.

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Computer Reserves can convert or regenerate virtually any type of media including tapes, disks, and CDs with bit for bit accuracy.  If you currently have paper records, we can scan these existing archives into a safer, more reliable format.  Our library contains thousands of formats. 

Tape Conversion -  9-track reels, 3480, 3490, 3490E, DLT, 4mm, 8mm, QIC (full and mini) are among the physical media we support. Logical structures include all flavors of IBM and ANSI standard files, including fixed and variable length records, spanned records and other variations that are troublesome to other services. We also convert many other proprietary "legacy" formats, including a variety of Wang, DEC, Data General, Unix, PDP-11, Atex, Honeywell and many others.

Disk Conversion -  8", 5.25" and 3.5" diskettes in a dizzying array of formats; ZIP, JAZZ, Syquest, CD, CD-R and an increasing variety of M/O types.

Legacy System Migration - (e.g.- Wang VS, DEC VAX, etc.) - unmatched speed and efficiency in converting large volumes of word processing, database, imaging and other data types;

Scanning, OCR, Acrobat PDF creation, macro and template design, and document management migration are among the many additional services which our staff can provide.

Wang Conversion - These PC-based programs are used to convert from a wide variety of legacy disk and tape file formats such as Wang VS (WP, WP+, Database, Image), DEC PDP-11 and VAX Word-11, IBM ATMS/ATS, IBM DCF/Script, ATEX, Data General CEO, WordMarc and WordPerfect, Texas Instruments, FourPhase, Honeywell and many others.


"My experience interacting with the HospITech Solutions/Computer Reserves technical support specialists has been excellent.  Not only are the very knowledgeable, but they are also responsible professionals who are always there for us when we need them." - Chief Information Officer, Leading NYC Healthcare Center

"...It's hard to find vendors who are more committed to their clients then Computer Reserves. " - Vice President, IS Operations
A global investment bank

"...They are extremely responsive, reliable and enthusiastic...I recommend their consulting services with great enthusiasm." - Manager, Software Engineering, Leading developer of business intelligence and data warehousing software for mainframe, UNIX, and Windows environments


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